Top Best 15 Ideas How to Make Your Invitations Trendy in 2017

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Your invitation sets the tone for any event. There are some great tools and ideas to help you achieve a great invitation. Have you ever received an invitation to an Indian wedding? Those are so shiny and glittery, they get me all excited to attend the event. Make a statement with your next sets of invitations. There are some online websites who have an invitation maker free of charge. You can use the invitation maker and save yourself some time and effort. So what are trending in the invitation making game these days? We got it down to 15 hot and happening trends you absolutely have to try.

Envelope liners

This is a pretty cool concept and we think it looks rather snazzy. Your envelope is the first contact guest will see. Make an impression with these great additions to your invitation. If you are a crafty person, you can even make these yourself.

Glitter everywhere

Like I mentioned above, glitter makes everything look fancy. You can buy some paper that gives the effect and print your own invitations right at home.

Use an online invitation maker

This is useful for days when you have to quickly pull something together. These websites will help you create a template that speaks volumes of the event.

Custom T-Shirts

Another great way is to make a bunch of cool personalised t shirts that say the person’s name and the party venue and just hand them out or mail them to your friends.

If you’re looking for the best place to get custom t shirts is Yo Prnt Australia, they’ve also got a huge collection of tshirt presets to choose from!

A personal photograph

Make your invitation personal and include a picture of you or if a wedding invitation, of you and your fiancé.


These are fun text types and creates the illusion of handwritten invitations. We cannot go back to the days where we wrote everything down ourselves but we can recreate the idea of doing so. Calligraphy is fun and looks great on an invitation.

Water colors

Give your invitations a beautiful background with some water color designs. This looks creative and artsy. You could even make your own water color paper if you have the time.


Set your invitation as a map to the venue. You can include details of the event within the map. Everyone would wonder why they haven’t come up with this idea themselves.

Gold foil

Just like my glitter suggestion, you can use gold foil to make your invitation stand out. Anything that shines must be great and this is exactly what your guests will think.


We have kind of forgotten about using floral invitations but they are making a huge comeback. Imagine using beautiful floral designs for a spring birthday party of even a wedding.


Inspire your guests with a rustic invitation. In a world of usually pretty invitations, you can stand out by creating a rustic theme.

Different fonts and colors

Write your invitation in different fonts and colors to create a beautiful rainbow effect. These look so stunning, you’ll definitely be the envy of your friends and family for being so creative.


We have moved to a time and era where less is more. Create a minimalistic design that is both elegant and sophisticated.

Neon colors

Yes we can still use neon colors and besides, it will be totally unexpected. Use bring, full of life colors and no one will be able to say no to attend your event.

Enlarge your name/s

Let the reason for the event stand out by enlarging the text of just that. It is like taking centre stage of your party before it even begins.

Botanical borders

Make your borders the focus of your invitation. Make them bold and using a green leafy kind of botanical theme will look amazing, trust me.

Now that you have some great ideas for your invitations it’s time to start putting together a great event. Remember you will create great expectations with these invitations so let the event live up to that!

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