Corporate Event Planning | Corporate Event Ideas and Advice

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Corporate events go a long way in ensuring that your business gets the proper exposure it deserves. The idea behind indulging in efficient corporate event planning is to ensure that all your existing and prospective clients get the best of treatment ever seen in any corporate event. The basic principle is to hold such an event that impresses your clients and makes...

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English Cream Tea Etiquette

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Afternoon tea parties are a class apart; it’s all about elegance and etiquettes. Now if you’re up for hosting it; besides planning up the event and decorating the table accordingly you also need to brush up your table manners for a perfect English tea. Remember being the host or not you need to offer pouring the tea or serve the scones to others first. Keep a second...

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What is Event Management?

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Here is a small class that describes event management. This class has been organised by the International Institute of Event Management. Through animation, it first gives the definition of event management. Examples of different kinds of events are presented here. A parallel is drawn between an Event Manager and a theatrical performance director. Key aspects of...

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