Top Best 15 Ideas How to Make Your Invitations Trendy in 2017


Your invitation sets the tone for any event. There are some great tools and ideas to help you achieve a great invitation. Have you ever received an invitation to an Indian wedding? Those are so shiny and glittery, they get me all excited to attend the event. Make a statement with your next sets of invitations. There are some online websites who have an invitation maker free of charge. You can use the invitation maker and save yourself some time and effort. So what are trending in the invitation making game these days? We got it down to 15 hot and happening trends you absolutely have to try.

Envelope liners

This is a pretty cool concept and we think it looks rather snazzy. Your envelope is the first contact guest will see. Make an impression with these great additions to your invitation. If you are a crafty person, you can even make these yourself.

Glitter everywhere

Like I mentioned above, glitter makes everything look fancy. You can buy some paper that gives the effect and print your own invitations right at home.

Use an online invitation maker

This is useful for days when you have to quickly pull something together. These websites will help you create a template that speaks volumes of the event.

Custom T-Shirts

Another great way is to make a bunch of cool personalised t shirts that say the person’s name and the party venue and just hand them out or mail them to your friends.

If you’re looking for the best place to get custom t shirts is Yo Prnt Australia, they’ve also got a huge collection of tshirt presets to choose from!

A personal photograph

Make your invitation personal and include a picture of you or if a wedding invitation, of you and your fiancé.


These are fun text types and creates the illusion of handwritten invitations. We cannot go back to the days where we wrote everything down ourselves but we can recreate the idea of doing so. Calligraphy is fun and looks great on an invitation.

Water colors

Give your invitations a beautiful background with some water color designs. This looks creative and artsy. You could even make your own water color paper if you have the time.


Set your invitation as a map to the venue. You can include details of the event within the map. Everyone would wonder why they haven’t come up with this idea themselves.

Gold foil

Just like my glitter suggestion, you can use gold foil to make your invitation stand out. Anything that shines must be great and this is exactly what your guests will think.


We have kind of forgotten about using floral invitations but they are making a huge comeback. Imagine using beautiful floral designs for a spring birthday party of even a wedding.


Inspire your guests with a rustic invitation. In a world of usually pretty invitations, you can stand out by creating a rustic theme.

Different fonts and colors

Write your invitation in different fonts and colors to create a beautiful rainbow effect. These look so stunning, you’ll definitely be the envy of your friends and family for being so creative.


We have moved to a time and era where less is more. Create a minimalistic design that is both elegant and sophisticated.

Neon colors

Yes we can still use neon colors and besides, it will be totally unexpected. Use bring, full of life colors and no one will be able to say no to attend your event.

Enlarge your name/s

Let the reason for the event stand out by enlarging the text of just that. It is like taking centre stage of your party before it even begins.

Botanical borders

Make your borders the focus of your invitation. Make them bold and using a green leafy kind of botanical theme will look amazing, trust me.

Now that you have some great ideas for your invitations it’s time to start putting together a great event. Remember you will create great expectations with these invitations so let the event live up to that!

Janny Bell is a content manager and her hobby is guest post writing. She is also fond of reading and traveling. Janny writes posts about life tips, craft and how to make your life more interesting.

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Not Your Average Airport Transfer

When it comes to airport transfer services, many services are just not up to standard when it comes to their Melbourne chauffeur cars. If fact, many will even have bad service, they’ll arrive late to the home or business and therefore you’ll be late for your flight. Just imagine if you missed your flight, how big of a deal would that be! You’d probably miss the important meeting that you had or maye you’ll have to reschedule and that just makes you look so unprofessional.

What about the cost of the flight that you’ll have to get! You’ve got to take all of these things in mind when you decide to go with any Melbourne airport transfer services. We recommend that you do some due diligence and look up some good online review sites to find the right business that you can trust. Another thing is that once you find a good service, you’ll want to stick with them for future flights.

Trust me, when it comes to airport transfer, you don’t want to be experimenting with different companies, especially if everything is working great for you. If you’re looking for the best airport transfer service in Melbourne then we highly recommend Sky Limo Melbourne, with years of experience and amazing cars these guys are highly professional when it comes to their service, they’re never late in fact they’re early in most cases.

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Corporate Event Planning | Corporate Event Ideas and Advice

Corporate events go a long way in ensuring that your business gets the proper exposure it deserves. The idea behind indulging in efficient corporate event planning is to ensure that all your existing and prospective clients get the best of treatment ever seen in any corporate event. The basic principle is to hold such an event that impresses your clients and makes your competitors jealous. But how to plan a perfect event? Simply take the help of online blogs that work with these concepts and understand the do’s and don’ts of planning a corporate event in an effective and successful way.


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How to conduct an event with expert ideas

Most effective method for building better business relationships is through holding corporate events every year. The events allow the businesses to promote and advertise their products as well as services. Conducting an event will allow the business to showcase the uniformed structured business for the clients and others. Most of the businesses will get the wonderful opportunity for interacting with the prospective clients prospective clients on personal basis.

One of the main advantages in hiring event management companies is to avoid many difficulties for arranging the better way of conducting the event. Hiring the professionals will be efficient for executing the plan for all the occasions. The event management companies have a fine eye as well as ability for improving and managing the corporate functions in the best manner. There are many outsourcing occasions of event management in business, which in turn results in tremendous growth through the event management sector.


Develop your company’s profile:

ü  Employing the event management will be reflected on the signs of profitable business as it guarantees a boost in sales level, creating a good market reputation.

ü  Employing the specialized company for handling all the events will be the best way for assuring that the business receives more advertisement partners.

ü  Expertise of the company is projected by the event management firm.



Saves time and money:

  • Outsourcing the event management also saves the company time and money.
  • Event Management Company directs planning and engaging the event according to the budget.

Smooth Execution:

  • Managing the event smoothly will be a very tough job so that it is best for hiring the top Event Management Company to get the smooth execution of plan.
  • Event management firms with the wide range of experience will bring more scenarios for ensuring that the best is delivered.
  • Planning the event according to the confirmation of the visitors or attendees, promotion of the event or number of tickets sold including the online event registration will make the event conducted in the simple and hassle free manner.

Creative Ideas:

v  Event organizers always come up with many new and innovative ideas to hold the events.

v  Innovative theme according to the budget will be efficient for the event.

v  The organizers act depending on the requirements of clients and chart the plan for conducting the event.

v  Customizing the events will make the visitors or guests feel happy.

v  Consistency in each of the service level that will be delivered to the clients

v  Creative delivery of communications message and marketing about the events to the public.

v  Innovatively consolidates the corporate brand message.




Post-Event Analysis:

  • The event will be analyzed by the experts in the best way for determining the way of managing each of the programs.
  • Post-analysis about the event will provide the good quality of work for reviewing the performances to get the successful manner.

Customer Satisfaction Levels:

o   The company will assure that the customer will have complete satisfaction for the event management.

o   The high level expertise for the customers will bestow their faith with conducting the event in the successful manner.

o   Unnecessary predicaments such as misappropriation will be averted.

o   Improved organizational efficiency for streaming the event with efficient service levels.

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English Cream Tea Etiquette

Afternoon tea parties are a class apart; it’s all about elegance and etiquettes. Now if you’re up for hosting it; besides planning up the event and decorating the table accordingly you also need to brush up your table manners for a perfect English tea. Remember being the host or not you need to offer pouring the tea or serve the scones to others first. Keep a second tea pot full of hot water to facilitate a strong or mild tea as per one’s fascination; and always fill the cup to three fourth to avoid spillage over the brim. Do not make a burger out of scone and make sure you leave the table after the guest of honour if any. Lastly never forget to dab your napkin on your lips when you’re done and say a generous thank you.

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What is Event Management?

Here is a small class that describes event management. This class has been organised by the International Institute of Event Management. Through animation, it first gives the definition of event management. Examples of different kinds of events are presented here. A parallel is drawn between an Event Manager and a theatrical performance director. Key aspects of event management are provided, while mentioning the secret behind the organisation of a successful event. Each event differs from another and requires varied type of skills. The Event Manager needs to work alongside a large team, making sure each person completes his or her task on time. Successful events impart memories for generations.


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3 Steps to present the best event

The world experiences millions of events on a single day. There are any things that you will have to consider in that aspect. The best way to arrange the best event includes few important steps. Get through this article and you will get the perfect idea about the needful objects in an event. There are basically 3 steps that you will have to convert in order to throw the best party to your friends and colleagues. Get the outline of the event in the best possible way and remain prepared to get the applause from all your near ones.

Arrange the venue

Decide first whether you are willing to throw the party at your home or at some other venue. You can easily decide on this matter if you can count the heads that will be attending the meeting or the event. It is better to arrange the parties at some other venue if the head count is more and if the party is thrown by the colleagues. A party where your colleagues will be attending will definitely be a prestigious issue for you, and thus you can arrange the best event at some other venue. It is better to decide the matter first as the best venues remain booked a month before the date of the event. Thus, if you are willing to get it arranged by yourself, you must get the event venue fixed first. If you are going through the event organizers, they will arrange you at the last moment even since they usually have the pre-booking facility. 2015-07-24 10-44-19


Framing the budget

Decide the number of members, cost of the venue, and the beverage line you will be offering in the party cocktail. Collect the individual budget and the final budget will be automatically derived. You can also take the help of the event organizers in your city to get the best estimate. This will ensure that you are having the most updated schedule and the best arrangement so that your party can get the booster of entertainment and professionalism. Thus getting the budget accurate to the requirement is the most needful thing. There are different things other than that too, and that is the most important support you can get from an event organizer. They will arrange the complete thing within your budget and can also arrange the budget for you. 2015-07-24 10-45-30


Finalizing the arrangement

This is the step where the guests will be requested, and the program is developed in the best possible way. The most important support that you can get from here is the arrangement of the music system. Decide where you are arranging the music system with a DJ support or Band support. If you assign the event arrangement to the event organizing agent, they will arrange the entire function and the programs in a decent way and that also within your estimated budget. There decide the menu list of the supper and also decide the best deal for the cocktail party. The event organizer will decide the entire thing for your sake. 2015-07-24 10-46-49

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How To Plan An Event Perfectly

Planning an event is not an easy task! There are a lot of expectations from the event planners, regardless of the nature or cause of the event. In order to execute the event perfectly, all it requires is a bit of planning and organizing skills, so as to lend it a sense of completeness. 2015-06-23 15-22-31

Getting Started With Your Event Plans:

In order to plan an event candidly, in the first place it is recommended to discuss with the client, about their expectations and suggestions. In order to get the detailed information, one needs to spend ample time with the client and ask them clearly about:

  • The purpose of the organizing the event; It can be it informational, social gathering, corporate meeting or a special event for celebrations.
  • The schedule of the event must be planned in accordance to the convenient time and date for the guests. This can be determined, according to the nature of the event; for example, if the client wants to organize an open air party, they are likely to avoid the chilly winter! In this case, the event planners, must offer prompt suggestions, to avoid hazards in the near future.
  • The theme as well as the name of the party. At times, the client would ask the event organizers to suggest a fruitful name of the event, which will reflect the theme or the purpose of the event. Brainstorm for a sufficient time, in order to come out with an exclusive name which will serve the purpose aptly.
  • The Key Aspect of the event is another vital aspect for the event organizers. Getting some fruitful knowledge about the overall agenda of the event will help them to conduct the event successfully.

As soon, as you are done with these, it is better to take extra care in researching for the event supplies, and the party decors, so as to cut down the extra costs effectively. 2015-06-23 15-25-57

Event Catering: The Uncompromisable Aspect of Any Event:

Food and beverages, being the most important aspect of any event requires an individual, to spend a major section of their budget in it. In case, of a short meeting session, coffee and water is mandatory, and if the event lasts for about two hours, there must be ample snacks available for the guests.

In case of a huge event, it is ideally recommended to focus more on the quality and quantity of the food, rather than variations in the items. Rather than spending the fortune in décor it is better to book a quality food supplier. 2015-06-23 15-27-35


There are many event venues, which offer in-house caterers and furniture rental services. Availing their services can ease the hazards manifold and one may also find some additional discount packages. The key to a successful event planning is to start early and spend ample time in researching about the localized services. Seeking effective suggestions from friends can also be highly beneficial, especially in case of caterers and drink suppliers.

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Things to Consider Before Hire Furniture for Party

We cannot buy the massive quantity of furniture for the occasions like social event or party. As organizing such kind of event require lot of planning and assistance. One cannot get everything easily by themselves. Arranging furniture on hire in Dubai for the party is one of big concerns you can stuck with. Well getting furniture on hire is the best way to make your party arrangement settled nicely. While hiring furniture on for the event you need to keep in mind certain factors that will help you to get best out of massive range.

Budget- Before looking for the rage of furniture on hire in Dubai, you have to be very clear about the budget you have in your mind for the party. After that you need to set your cash limit you are flexible to spend on hiring furniture for the party.

List the furniture hire companies- You can search for the company involved in event planning and offering massive collection of furniture for events like parties, wedding and other occasions. After that you can compare the hiring price of different companies with your budget that will help to reach the finest company you are looking for.

Style- The next step is to decide the type of the chairs and stools you are planning to get for your party. You might be interested in getting plastic chairs or wooden chairs for dining but on the other hand you are looking for the range of stools for the bar area. You can explore the range of furniture and can select the appropriate on as per your need.

Match with theme- One of the important concerns is that the furniture you are going to hire also matches with the theme of your party. The mismatch between the theme and furniture will spoil the essence of decoration and time you have spent on organizing the party. While selecting furniture on hire you make sure that the furniture is complementing the theme and decoration.

Comfort –Last but not the least the furniture that you are going to hire like chairs has to be comfortable along with being looking elegant in appearance as well.

To make your party more delightful and memorable it is always essential to delight the guest not only with the food and music but also the arrangement of furniture is an important thing you should always keep in mind. Getting appropriate furniture is the best way to make our guest comfortable. Therefore by following all these facts you can easily end up having perfect furniture for your upcoming party.

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Ways To Make Indoor Events Feel Personalized

Someone has rightly said that there is no other place like our home and it reflects our very own predilection. Customizing our homes is a blissful desire to pamper ourselves with the everyday new and unique indoor settings. To get rid of boredom and to get our minds distressed after a hectic day at office, we tend to inculcate into something creative and personalized. We can always refashion our homes with a budgeted line of frame according to the changing needs and desires. We can have a theme based indoor wherein we can individualize and unwind our apartments accordingly. Secondly we can go for mesmerizing colour change, thus clinging to our favourite one is a good step towards embarking a new look to our indoor settings. The captivating wall colours help us scour off the mental uneasiness and helps get rid of tensions. Flinching our kids room with their dearest cartoon characters help them adore their rooms to the fullest and would relish luxuriating within the confined walls of their room. These are therefore some of the parameters which significant towards personalizing our indoor spaces to coddle ourselves.


To remodel our homes with customized indoors without breaking the banks, we need to plan the themes, the renting agencies, the overall budget without undermining the final look for our apartments. Furniture is conceivably the most important aspect for remodeling and personalizing the inner spaces of the apartments. Buying furniture becomes a very expensive affair. Choosing the most comfortable, captivating yet budgeted furniture is the foremost task for all of us. We can anytime buy the used furniture from thrift stores and repaint them to match the rooms and can go for mix and match, rather than the monotonous matching sets, to end up with a quirky look, thus saving on money in the entire task. Hiring or renting of furniture helps us cater our temporary needs without incurring increased costs. It helps us fulfilling our desire to have luxurious high ended stuff in our belly. We should always look for flexible bargaining shops and opt for trending latest designs. Taking event chairs on hire and other needful furniture on hire gives us a king of deferred ownership, thus making us a kind of owners for a limited period of time.

The various advantages of renting furniture instead of buying it is the immediate cash benefit. We can hold on to the cash later and make small payments instead of one time huge payments. We have the freedom to change or exchange the furniture any time without thinking about the huge investments. We also need not worry about the monthly depreciations.

For all those cooking enthusiasts who want to take all the kitchenware without exorbitant prices, clinching on the rented items would be a superb idea for them. Rented glassware are available to hire from a wide variety to serve, keeping in mind the basic functions of catering. The glassware should be returned undamaged and break free. We can anytime throw a party with elegance and sophistication by having a glassware on hire  to suit your occasion. Thus we can any time opt for renting chairs and glassware to suit to our specific need of home renovation or any party theme, thus making our lives budgeted and unique for every juncture.

Event & Party furniture Hire in Queensland

If you are planning to host an event or Party in Queensland we recommend Innovative Hiring Queensland as a reliable quality service provider in Queensland. Below are their key furniture hire services: Cafe & coffee table hire | Dining chairs hire | Wedding furniture hire | Tiffany chairs hire | Pergola hire


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