Mother’s Day Tea Party Ideas

Tea parties are perfect a fun and relaxing time.  They are also a great way to connect with your loved ones or friends.  Throwing a tea party for Mother’s Day is a great way to show your mother how much you care by taking time to spend with her over a cup of tea.  What better way could there be to spend Mother’s Day anyway?


The idea of a Mother’s Day tea party is grand but it will take a conglomerate of smaller ideas that will need to come together to pull the event off.  It is wise to go with your instincts with a pinch of your mother’s taste.


To really have a “party” you will need more than just you and your mother, so create your invitation list.  The invitations will need to match your ideal theme of the event.  It is a great idea to invite some of you and your mother’s close relatives or friends – mother/daughter of course to pull off a Mother’s Day tea party.


Tea is the Main Ingredient for a Successful Tea Party

Some ideas for your menu will depend on your taste; however, the main component will be the tea.  It is traditional to serve black tea so make sure it is available.  With all the different brews and blends of teas these days, you may want to add some herbal or green teas too.  It is a great idea to have lemon, sweeteners, maybe some honey, milk and cream available for your guests as well.


As far as the rest of the menu there are many ideas to choose from.  Since drinking tea is not the only thing you will be doing, make sure to have some tasty treats accessible but make sure to have a healthy option as well.  Fruit trays or fruit salad are great for tea parties.  Make sure to add a favorite food of your mothers.


Make Your Tea Party Fun with Imagination

Maybe you use to play tea party with your mother when you were just a little girl.  A great idea to make your tea party event even more special is to make it sentimental.  Have your guests “play” dress up.  As you probably dressed up for your little girl parties, this gives an open door for you and your guests to reminisce over the great childhood you had and the moments you shared with your mothers.


Set the Table for a Queen

Since your mother was the queen of your house when you were growing, make her feel like she still is.  Try to find tiered serving dishes, decorative trays, and vintage tea cups with matching saucers.  This will not only look majestic it will feel special.


Take your time to plan your Mother’s Day tea party to make it perfect for your mother’s special day.  This will be a memory in the making and something you will be able to look back on for years to come.  Make sure to take pictures of this special day so that you can share with your daughter in the future.

Baby Shower Ideas

Baby showers are important, no matter if this is your first, second, or third child.  No matter how many baby showers you may have had, each one should be treated just as special as if it were your very first.  Take the time to plan and really express the joy you have for your baby on board.  After all, you will never get a chance to have a baby shower for this baby again.


There are so many ideas to choose from when it comes to baby showers.  You will want to organize your different ideas into categories when you start to plan your event. The main categories of any baby shower are the theme, food and drinks, and games.


Choosing Your Theme

Themes for your baby shower will depend on the baby gender; however, if you are not sure of the gender or choose to be surprised at your baby’s birth, there are many neutral themes to choose from as well.  Some expecting mothers will combine the theme of their baby shower with the theme of the nursery.  This is wise to do, but not mandatory.


Some expectant mothers like to wow the crowd with themes that no one has ever seen before.  This is not a problem as long as you have your game plan in order and know you can purchase the appropriate décor.  On the other hand, some expectant mothers like to plan around favorite children’s characters such as the many Disney inspired baby shower characters.  Some baby showers are based off of favorite nursery rhymes or bedtime story books.  Goodnight Moon, Rock-a-Bye-Baby, Noah’s Ark, and Stork Delivery are a few of the many choices you could go with.


Picking the Best Shower Games

The list of shower games is quite large.  You will want to pick just a few that you really like to play at the event.  Sometimes you can find games that go along with your theme, but if you are not able to theme out your games, it is okay, because all of the games go along with babies so no matter the game, it will fit perfectly.


There are different types of games you can choose from.  You can choose from the different categories if you wish.  Some of the different types are food games, baby name games, baby clothes games, music games, diaper games, mommy’s belly games, and so on.


What’s On the Menu?

You will not need a whole lot of food for a shower.  Keep it simple!  Finger foods are always a favorite.  You can use cookie cutters to make sandwiches look like baby’s feet, etc..  Fruit and veggie trays are acceptable as well.  Be creative.  For example, you could create a baby stroller out of a watermelon!  Chips and dips are always easy and a crowd pleaser.  The main thing you will want is cake and punch!  Your cake should match your theme and the color of the punch should as well.


It is important to go with what you want.  Do not settle for anything less than perfect for your baby.


Tea Party Menus – How to Plan an Afternoon Tea Party Menu

Tea parties are a lot of fun to attend.  All the beautiful decorations, the intricate centerpieces, the mouthwatering food and not to mention the amazing tea are all a part of the enjoyable experience.  Maybe that is why you are planning a tea party for your next event.  It is important to remember when planning an afternoon tea party the most important aspect is the menu.


Make Sure to Have the Essentials

Planning the menu for your afternoon tea party can be a lot of fun.  First and foremost, you will want to make sure you have tea as tea what the event is based around.  It is always good to have the traditional black tea available for your guests, but you might want to consider having different types of teas as well.  Many people enjoy herbal or green tea now days.  There are so many different types of brews to choose from, do not get hung up on them.  Just pick a couple of extra flavors if you choose to and move on.  If you will have children at your party, consider serving iced tea.


Every tea party spread will need to have sweeteners for the tea, so make sure you have sugar, honey, as well as artificial sweeteners.  It will be wise to have lemon, cream, and milk handy as many people enjoy adding these condiments to make their drink perfect for their taste.


Menu Planning Tips

If you can, try to plan your event around your theme in every aspect. This includes planning your menu around your theme.  Consider the colors of your food you wish to serve and determine if they will match your theme.  This is not mandatory, but it does create a wow effect.  Attention to detail always does.


For your healthy eaters, make sure to have some healthy food available for them to choose from. Fruit is always a smart choice and you can generally find some fruits that will match your theme.


Plan the amount of food around your expected guests.  Make sure to plan ahead and prepare enough food for your party.  It will be better if you have extra left over than to not have enough to cover every guest.


If your theme is more elegant than casual, make sure your menu reflects that.


Popular Foods for Any Tea Party Menu

Finger sandwiches, which are also called tea sandwiches, are favorites for these events.  These are easy to make and always a crowd pleaser.  You could even offer an assortment of tea sandwiches such as:  pear and stilton, cucumber, egg salad, smoked salmon and dill, etc..


Scones are also popular, but take note there are different types of scones.  You can choose from plain, complex, sweet, or savory.  Basic scones are more like the cream scones you have had the pleasure of tasting, but the savory type would be something like the cheddar herb.  Sweet scones are always welcome such as the sweet raspberry scone.


Planning an afternoon tea party is not hard, just make sure to stick with your theme.